SEPR international activities

SEPR is a Vocational Training Center created in 1864.
We provide a selection of vocational full-time courses and apprenticeships in five pedagogical structures.

More than 4300 students are trained each year in the 6 centers of excellence :

  • Artistic fields: jewelry, cabinet making, fashion design, art and design
  • Graphic design and print: graphic design, photography, printing, silkscreen printing, sign
  • Catering and cooking services: cooking, catering, bakery, butchery, pastry chef
  • IT and technical trainings: IT, car mechanics, coachbuilding, car painting, cycle and motorbike maintenance, topography, electricity
  • Beauty and social services: hairdressing, aesthetics, dental prosthetics, pharmaceutical assistant, social services
  • Tertiary and retail services: services and trade, florist, sales assistant.

For the last 30 years, SEPR is committed to a proactive policy of openness and the development of international mobility.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for all our learners to thrive and achieve in life and work, to live a professional and personal experience abroad by integrating an international dimension in their training, and the overall capacity to adopt and become autonomous.

The skills and qualifications obtained will put them on the path to fulfilling and prosperous careers.

Our wish is to provide our teaching and non-teaching staff the possibility to discover and share, on international basis, other working methods and teaching practices.

SEPR is proud to hold the Erasmus+ charter for professional training and higher education.

Each year we organize more than 600 incoming and outgoing mobilities worldwide.

International mobility manager
Direct line: 0033 + 4 72 83 27 80
Mobile phone: 0033 + 6 68 22 71 06

Delphine GICQUEL
International mobility assistant
Direct line: 0033.4 72 83 27 70

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