Ce projet ambitieux, qui rassemble 14 pays, vise à accompagner les centres de formation des Balkans occidentaux dans leur stratégie d’internationalisation, et à développer les compétences de leurs managers, formateurs et apprenants.

De décembre 2019 à juin 2023, ce sont plus de 500 mobilités qui vont se déployer entre 8 organisations européennes et 6 organisations des Balkans.

Ce projet pilote porté par notre partenaire italien UNISER bénéficie d’un financement de la Commission européenne de 2 millions € !



European commission - Pilot VET mobility scheme for the Enlargement countries


Uniser (Italy)

Dates and duration

19/12/2019 - 18/04/2023 (42 months)


Introducing learning mobility in the VET systems of the Western Balkans has gained an increasingly prominent position on the agenda of the Berlin Process, and its strategic importance has been acknowledged in the communication “A credible enlargement perspective for and enhanced EU engagement with the Western Balkans” COM(2018) 65 final).

However, in order to make mobility a reality there is a need of introducing a “culture of learning mobility” that Europe has been knowing since the launch of the Erasmus programme in the 80’. In particular there is a need of informing VET teachers and headmasters on these theme and increase their competences in planning, and managing mobility projects. More work based learning is also required in the Western Balkans to prepare young people to the transition to the labour market and at the same time support the development of local economies.

The project “Internationalisation of VET systems in Western Balkans” (INTERVET WB) brings together 14 organisations involved in VET from 14 countries (among which all the 6 countries of the Western Balkans) to introduce a comprehensive mobility scheme in the enlargement countries.


The general objective of the INTERVET WB project is to improve the quality of VET provision in Western Balkans thus ultimately favoring the employability of young people. 

Activities and participants

In order to reach the objectives, the project will implement activities at two interconnected level: mobility of VET learners and competence building of VET staff.

The first set activities will unfold in the organisation of:

  • 360 short-term work based learning experiences abroad of 1 month for VET learners (EQF4) from the Western Balkans;
  • 56 long-term work based learning experiences abroad of 3 months for VET learners (EQF5); Recently graduated within 12 months and apprentices from the Western Balkans;

The second set of activities will unfold in the organisation of:

  • 54 job shadowing experiences of 1 week for VET teachers from the Western Balkans to the European VET providers of the partnership;
  • 36 mobilities of VET teachers from the Western Balkans to participate in summer schools on mobility and work based learning;
  • 72 mobilities of VET teachers from the Western Balkans to attend the EFVET Thematic Teams;
  • 18 training assignments of Uniser’s staff in the Western Balkans to train teachers, headmasters and administrative staff of VET schools on how to plan and implement a mobility project.
  • 26 teaching assignments of Uniser’s staff in the Western Balkans to strengthen the pre-departure preparation of VET learners provided by the local partners.

Results and impact

The main expected impact is in terms of higher employability for the VET learners targeted by INTERVET WB, which will be favoured by the acquisition of key and professional competences gained in mobility. For students with fewer opportunities and female learners, the project will be an important occasion to gain self-confidence and programme their future according to what they learned during the experience abroad.

The massive investment in capacity building activities of INTERVET WB will generate a change from the initial situation for the VET staff in the Western Balkans. They will acquire the know-how on all the aspects of mobility: the management of (KA1) projects, the integration of transnational activities in their teaching methodology, as well as knowledge about the Erasmus+ programme, ECVET and its tools. INTERVET WB will be an important cornerstone to strengthen the collaboration between Europe and the enlargement countries in the field of VET.


In Europe the partnership is composed by :

  • 3 VET providers that are considered excellencies in their field due to their good practices in the field of work based learning and mobility : SEPR (France), MCAST (Malta), ROC Da Vinci College (Netherlands);
  • 4 Mobility providers, organisations specialised in the implementation of high quality VET learning mobility : Uniser (Italy); Incoma (Spain); Mode (Poland); ZNI (Slovenia);
  • 1 European Network of VET organisation: EfVET (Belgium).

In the Western Balkans, the partners involved are : 

  • 2 Business actors: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro;
  • 1 VET provider: IUS Lifelong Learning Center from Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • 3 NGOs supporting VET: Prishtina REA (Kosovo); National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning (Norh Macedonia); Albakian Skills (Albania).


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