The VET learner journey



L’objectif de ce projet européen, piloté par notre partenaire italien Uniser, est de mieux ancrer la période de mobilité à l’étranger dans le cursus de formation, en mettant l’accent sur les compétences clés pour l'éducation et la formation tout au long de la vie, la citoyenneté ou encore l’esprit d’entreprendre.
Ce projet vise également à mieux accompagner les apprenants dans les trois temps de la mobilité (avant, pendant et au retour), en s’appuyant sur des outils digitaux pertinents.



ERASMUS+ KA2 VET Strategic Partnerships for exchange of good practices


Uniser – Italy

Dates and duration

01/11/2018 - 30/04/2021 / 30 months


The recent mid-term evaluation report of the Erasmus+ programme has highlighted the impact of work-based learning in mobility on personal and professional growth of VET learners. However there are still margins of improvements, especially when it comes to the integration of such experiences in the curricula.

Although most of the times the internships abroad are validated and recognised through ECVET, they are still seen by the students and the teachers as an extra-ordinary activity with little connection with the rest of the subjects.

There is a need to create a continuity between the content of the curricula and the work-based learning experience abroad, with a specific attention to key competences, citizenship skills and entrepreneurship which still remains rather undertaught.


The main objective is to increase the quality and effectiveness of VET provision by untapping the full potential of learning mobility experiences abroad.

The specific objectives are :

  • To exchange good practices on the most effective ways to make mobility more integrated with VET curricula, for the achievement of non-professional learning outcomes and transversal skills.
  • To enhance the capacity of VET curricula combined with mobility projects to teach key competences , citizenship skills and entrepreneurship to learners.
  • To raise awareness in VET providers and intermediary organisations on new methodologies that put learners at the center of the learning process before, during and after the mobility abroad though the use of ICTs.
  • To improve the (self-)evaluation of the impact of mobility on the training path of the learners though the use of innovative tools.

Expected results

  • New VET methodologies based on a user-oriented approach and the use of ICTs
  • Increased pro-active participation of learners into the learning process
  • Improved attractiveness of VET provision
  • Stronger collaboration among VET providers and intermediary organisations
  • More competences in the staff of VET providers and intermediary organisations on how to teach key competences, citizenship skills and entrepreneurship.


This project will not include Intellectual Outputs, however, the partnership is expected to deliver a framework for an experience-based learning “journey” built upon the concept of gamification and addressed to students. The “journey” will stretch the ordinary timeframe of the mobility, the pedagogic activities will start start before the departure and will accompany the students until the follow-up phase. Along this journey the learners will face quizzes and challenges that will increase competences also by making use of informal learning settings.
Through the exchange of practices the partner will collect competences, methodologies and techniques that have already been used and will assemble them in a coherent way in order to create a “learner journey” that can be integrated in any VET courses in Europe.

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